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dear northern bubbleglammers,

S&H cost to canada is kookin-bird-mental-head expensive (not our fault! talk to the us postal service)!

these all have individually assigned S&H prices, but if you buy multiple items, they can frequently be shipped together for only a couple dollars more than a single item.

if you buy multiple items, we will happily refund any extra postage you pay!

Apologies for our primitive systems. please do not hate us, we love you.

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10 More rock super hits CD

Bun E Carlos calls it “Power pop perfection.” Ginger wildheart says “A joyous set of sparkling pop rock nuggets that inflate the heart and stuff the ears full of sunshine.” I mean, c’mon.

AMERICAN-MADE CD COMES In Japanese-style mini-sleeve, printed on 18pt coated stock with inner sleeve on sturdy stock, smooth side in to prevent scuffing from handling. Includes insert with credits.

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10 More rock super hits Deluxe 3 CD edition

“10MOROSUHI” is a classic, but why wait a decade or two for the deluxe edition?

formerly a pledgemusic exclusive, this set includes three CDs - “10MOROSUHI,” six more rock super demos (featuring the previously unreleased “the eye of the spider”) and “How she boogalooed it” - a never-before released 9-track pre-tsar solo album!

it’s a bubbleglam-tastic bargain for you!

$35 + S&H

Vinyl Spine.JPG

10 more rock super hits vinyl LP

immaculately pressed by european craftsmen, this vinyl edition of “10MOROSUHI” has a unique feature, a lyric sheet with all songs from the album!


$18 + S&H

Signed CD.jpeg

1o more rock super hits signed cd

It’s the regular cd but with jeff’s signature on the front!

impress your mom!

$15 + S&H

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tsar / JEFF whalen lyric book

can’t understand what the f jeff is singing? We’ve got a solution for you!

printed from scans of Jeff’s original notebooks, this beautifully reproduced book is over 100 pages of all the songs jeff wrote for both full length tsar albums and even some b-sides & NON-lp tracks!

very limited stock remaining!

$20 + S&H